The Museum of the Royal Tombs in Vergina

It is an impressive underground construction; on the exterior it has the form of a clay tomb where the most important portable findings and the exquisite frescoes that had been found inside the royal graves, are exhibited to the public.
The treasures of the Royal Tombs that are exhibited next to the very same tombs provide a sense of the splendor of the city of Aigai during the years of its acme. Here is the magnificent tomb of Philip II as well as the famous golden urn and other valuable personal belongings of the great King of the Macedonians. The unique frescoes like the vivid representation of the Abduction of Persephone, reveal the achievements in the arts and painting during the years of reign of the glorious Macedonian Kingdom.     23310 92347
Great Tumulus exterior

 Βασιλικών Τάφων Αιγών

 Βασιλικών Τάφων Αιγών2

 Βασιλικών Τάφων Αιγών3

 Βασιλικών Τάφων Αιγών5

 Βασιλικών Τάφων Αιγών7

 Βασιλικών Τάφων Αιγών8


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