The famous GPS tracking system from www.MyTrack.gr, that makes the Greece Rally’s safety plan perfect, will use GPS trackers specialized for bikes and cars.

We need to have a pair of wires 12V (better with a fuse 2A) directly from the battery, with 10cm length in the cockpit area to install the trackers.

There will be a parallel double system for the first 10 competitors in the general standings, with trackers both on the motorbike (drawing electricity from the motorcycle battery) and on the rider (the tracker will be powered by its own internal battery).

My-Track has developed the ideal GPS Tracking system for Rallys, which is very helpful for organizers.

There will be a guarantee deposit of 150€ for the trackers and the timekeeping transponders  in case of damage, that you will receive back after the end of the race.

Installation Instructions

  1. Connect the GPS tracker with a 12V cable directly from the vehicle battery through a fuse (2-5A)
  2. Connect your cable from your vehicle to the cable before the connector on the tracker
  3. The black (or Red-black) wire is the Negative (-), and the Red the Positive (+)
  4. DO NOT cut – DO NOT crimp the GPS tracker cables or connector cables – especially the black part!
  5. Put the GPS tracker in front of your navigational instruments (bike) or in front of the par bridge (car), so to be open sky above it.
  6. Put the GPS tracker in a horizontal - stable position with tie raps or tape.
  7. In case you put tape, be sure there is a plastic bag over the tracker, NOT tape directly on the tracker!
  8. The deposit for any damage of the GPS tracking merchandise is 200€, and you have to give back the damaged tracker. In case of tracker’s lost, the cost is 200€.
  9. Brocken or damaged case : costs 30€ - 50€ - Cut cables or damaged connectors cost 30€ - 10€
  10. The rental of the tracking system is 100€
  11. FM1204 7

FM1204 6


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