faq-iconWhich navigation equipment is required for racing the Serres Rally?

An electric roadbook holder is the most appropriate navigation tool, combined with a trip odometer like ICO, IMO, RNS or other, more simple, like Trailtech. The odometer must be able to count every 10 meters (two decimal numbers).

There will be a simpler class, the Rally Lite, for amateurs who want to navigate with GPS. They will receive the tracks to drive the route with GPS. Normal competitors are not allowed to use GPS!

faq-iconWhat do I do with my bike if it breaks during the race?

No problem, our organization will carry you and your bike to the bivouac from inside the race route.

There are a lot of mechanics in Serres able to fix the bike - if it is possible.

faq-iconA repatriation insurance is included in the entry fee? What is the maximum amount covered?

If your federation issues you a starting permission, you can ask them to clear everything about your repatriation insurance in case of an accident.

If you federation can’t cover you with such an insurance, we can NOT issue a special repatriation insurance for you. In any case it must be a license! If you have NO license, we can issue you a license in Greece Federation, via a Greek Moto Club, with the cost of 250€, but it doesn't includes repatriation!

faq-iconHow much does the inscription cost? What does it include?

The entry fee includes:

1. All paper work regarding the race and all administrative expenses

2. Numbering for competitors vehicles

3. Road Book for the race

4. Racing costs which include timing etc.

5. Medical support for the race and bivouac

6. Recovery - Transport to Serres

7. Navigation System for monitoring competitors

8. Access to Bivouac & facilities, Camping at the Paddocks

9. Liability insurance for the race / 3rd party insurance

10. Free Internet at Hotle Elpida


1. Accommodation

2. Meals

3. Fuel costs and technical assistance from the race organizers

4. Competitors Personal Insurance / Cost of new License

5. Elpida Resort & Spa facilities

6. Deposit 200€ for the tracker which will be returned at the end of the race when returning the tracker back.

faq-iconTo whom is the entry fee paid?
All infos at http://www.serresrally.com/index.php/en/competitor/entry-forms/moto-quad

Bank account number:

IBAN: GR7001401790179002002002713 BIC: CRBAGRAA




faq-iconWhat I have to do after completing the subscription?

1. Sort out your license.

2. Book your accommodation at Serres.

3. Arrange your trip to Serres. There are a lot of agents all over the Europe who can help you with accommodation.

4. Book your tires from MEFO

faq-iconHow much does assistance inscription cost?

There is NO extra cost for your assistance! We will give you a special roadbook for your assistant car.

Although there is an optional fee for Support Vehicles: 100€ with the following extra supplies:

1. GPS tracks

2. On Line Tracking System Facilities for support vehicles

3. Medical services to support personnel

4. Road Βook for Service routes

faq-iconIs the tracking system included in the fee? How do I have to prepare the bike to accept the tracking device?

The tracking system is included in the entry fee. But there is a deposit 150€ for the tracker which will be returned at the end of the race when returning the tracker back. We have a tested and exceptional GPS tracking system from MyTrack®.


The trackers require power supply from the battery of the bikes or cars.

Please make sure a red (+) and black (-, ground) wire is available on the cockpit of the bike or the dashboard of the car.
The line should be with a 2 Amp fuse.

For the bikers that cannot fix this, a workshop will be available during the technical control to do this.
Remember: There will be a guarantee deposit of 150€ for the GPS trackers and Chrono Transmitters, in case of lost or damage.

faq-iconIs there a possibility to transport vehicles, spare parts and/or duffel bag with clothing?

Of course, there are many agents all over the Europe that can arrange your trip to Serres.
You can find their contact details on our website.

faq-iconIs there a possibility to book the hotel with the organization?

No. You must do it directly with Elpida Hotel & Spa


www.elpidahotel.eu• e-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Address: Exochon blvd, Ag. Anargiron • Serres 62122 • Greece • Τel.: +30 23210 20000 • Fax. +30 23210 62222

faq-iconRegarding air travel, which airlines fly to Greece?

There are plenty of airlines flying to Greece, and especially to Thessaloniki, the biggest Town in North Greece closest to Serres.

You can get more information from the “Konstantinidis Travel” agency.

Contact details:

Mr. Alekos Fragkoudis

Tel: 003023223330 | 00306946506662

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

faq-iconI booked a flight to/from Thessaloniki. How far is it from Serres? What about public transport or taxi services?

Thessaloniki Airport is about a 1 hour drive to Serres. There are Public buses, Taxis, and a transportation service arranged by Elpida Hotel if you want. The cost for the Elpida shuttle bus is about 100 euros for 1 - 9 persons

faq-iconNational or international license clearance?

According FIM and FIM Europe rules, national license with a starting permission from your federation is adequate.

faq-iconWhat minimum fuel range is required?

Minimum range between refueling points are 153kms, so account for 160-170km autonomy on your bike.

faq-iconWhich service facilities are available?

At Elpida Resort & Spa you can find electricity, water facilities, mechanics for your bike or car, EZ-UP rental tents , refreshments from the bar next to the bivouac, Mefo Tires and Mousse with tire change services, a spa, swimming pools, pool bar, WC, massage, gymnasium, tennis, basketball, beach volley etc.

faq-iconDoes my motorcycles need a specific equipment?

Except navigational instrument, and maybe a bigger tank, we need only a pair of 12V cables for the tracker… Nothing else!

NO need for Eco Tires, but for sure you must have driving license, license plates, “green card” insurance, light, horn, fenders, and your bike to be in a general good condition. Please look at the Technical Scrutineering requirements.  

faq-iconWhen should I arrive and when does the race start/finish?

You must be here -at least- by early noon on the 22h of August.

faq-iconI would like to share this experience with my wife and children. Is that possible?

Absolutely! Serres is a large town, with many facilities and activities for everyone! There are kindergartens in the hotel and nearby, a children's waterpool, grass fields for kids to play football…

Close by trips to the mountains and the seas (1 hour trip to Halkidiki or Kavala golden beaches every day for sunbathing and swimming), many places of interest such as Kerkini Lake, Alistrati Cave, Lailias Mountain, good restaurants, stores, nightlife, as well as the Serres Racing Circuit…

We are sure your family will enjoy holidays better than you! Haha!

faq-iconOk, I’ve decided to enroll. How long after registering will I receive all the competitor information?

Our webpage contains ALL the appropriate information. Reagrdless, please feel free to ask us anything else you want.

After your inscription, you will receive Serres Rally newsletters with all the news you need to know about the race.

We look forward to seeing you here!

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