My-Track specializes in Live Tracking applications for races and events due to the large number of tracking devices we have, data cards, software and especially dedicated and trained personnel for any race or event with a large number of participants, with any kind of vehicle.

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My Track "On Line Live Tracking" offers:

• Safety. Direct intervention in the event of a sudden stop indication, or in response to correct input in the need to approach an accident.

• Results. Vindication of correct path on given route, but also time keeping on specified control points.

• Communication. Organization and competitors can speak via the tracker which operates as a GSM phone, with vibrating loud ring tone in case of emergency, wrong direction, or new orienteering instructions.

• Live Tracking Display. Displays all competitor's positions (imposed on a map) on a web page, or even projected in a projection room for viewers, in conjunction with display of sponsors, live news and live results

• Playback. Can display an earlier event of on or many competitors, super-imposed on mapped areas

• Back Up. Race data can be kept on a server and can be called up on demand in case of appeals, or used to consolidate decisions.

• The My Track application has been created and developed especially for races, by people who race (Off Road Team) and who have been active in this segment for a number of years and thus know the needs of organizers

• We decided to develop our own tailor made software after many years of cooperating with fleet management companies in Greece and Bulgaria who nevertheless we found insufficient in the prerequisites we wanted, and could not cover our needs in regards to racing competitions.

• The My Track software is flexible and can be configured on the spot according to the organizer's demands, so as to display: speeding violations, stationary vehicles, course shortening, off piste vehicles, crashes between vehicles, etc. The live timing of My Track can even be refreshed to 1 second periods!

• My Track is not a dealer / importer or representative of other companies, but a completely Greek company that has invested and developed it's own software, hardware (trackers, servers, displays) and highly trained staff.

Besides the GPS Tracking capabilities, My Track can also add the following to events or races:

• MyTrack SIM cards offer not only Data GPRS with roaming but also speech capablities, they can be used as cellular phones for comunicating with competitors

• Public Live Tracking capability. Live (or time delayed) virtual reproduction of the race superimposed on any map, on monitors or large screen projectors, or even on web pages. This helps display sponsors on screens. Free of charge service.

• Large inflatable arch (in blue or red colour) for displaying sponsors

• Fabrication of road books

• Press office for the race

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | Web: www.MyTrack.gr

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