ALX1638 a  Here you will find the Race Plan of Greece Rally 2X20

This year, the Rally will be done at Veria town! With NEW destinations, NEW town, NEW tracks!

Our bivouac will be held at AIGES MELATHRON HOTEL http://aigesmelathron.gr/index_en.html 

The plan for this year: We start the race at Veria, the 1st day the afternoon is the 50kms prologue near the town, and Aliakmonaw River, and later the evening the ceremonial start will take place in the central place of Veria, at Elia central place.
The 2nd day we 'll ride around the mountains of Vermio, Seli and 3-5 Pigadia for 210 amazing kms

The 3rd day we 'll move to the north side, on an other mountain, Paiko! Long transfer but the amazing green mountain will recompence us 100%. 350kms pure rally routes!

The next days, 4th, 5th, 6th, we 'll drive round Veria, to nearest towns, Kozani, Florina, Kastoria, on Vermio Mountain in new tracks and magic routes!

The 4th day is a short day, more or less 100kms, so to have time to visit Acient site of Vergina, to rest at the swimming pool of the hotel, and to visit the town of Veria.

The 5th day is also a big day on Vermio mountains 300kms in a long special stage with demanding navigation, fast routes, compass skills on the ski center pists and a big variety of ground terain. 

The 6th day we move north to Pieria mountain, passing the Aliakmonas' natural "border", up to Pieria mountains and Elatochori Ski Center. Then up to Velvendos Refuge and the down to Velvedos Village beside the river for refuelling, before we move back to Sfikia Village for finishing the special stage of 230kms

The last 7th day, we'll ride a short distance track, about 135kms, with some enduro ride characteristics. Not hard enduro, just light simple enduro paths to enjoy the landscape over Veria Town.

The evening, the ceremonial prize giving will take place at the central place of Veria, and we close the event with a big Party at the swimming pool of Aiges Melathron Hotel

We 'll be glad to join us Greece Rally Raid, Veria 2X20


Total length of the race: 1445 km

23 August 2020 | 1st Stage 40kms, 1 Liasion 5kms, SSS1 Egnatia 31kms, 2 Liaison 4kms

24 August 2020 | 2nd Stage 225kms, 1 Liasion 10kms, SS2 Vermio Lite 210kms, 2 Liaison 5kms

25 August 2020 | 3rd Stage 345kms, 1 Liasion 80kms, SS3 Paiko Mountain 210kms, 2 Liaison 55kms

26 August 2020 | 4th Stage 105kms, 1 Liasion 15kms, SS4 Elafina 75kms, 2 Liaison 15kms

27 August 2020 | 5th Stage 310kms, 1 Liasion 3kms, SS5 Vermio Trophy 300kms, 2 Liaison 7kms

28 August 2020 | 6th Stage 265kms, 1 Liasion 25kms, SS6 Pieria Mountains 215kms, 2 Liaison 25kms

29 August 2020 |7th Stage 140kms, 1 Liasion 15kms, SS7 Enduro @ Seli 120kms, 2 Liaison 5kms


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