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Greece Rally 2X20 Official Program
Paddocks Opening
Friday 21/8, 16:00

Administrative Control
Saturday 22/8, 11:00 – 14:30 & 17:00 - 18:30

Technical Control
Saturday 22/8, 11:30 – 14:30 & 17:00 - 18:30

Riders Briefing
Sunday 12:00 and every afternoon before dinner, at 19:00
All infos @

Ceremony - Buffet
Saturday 29/8, 20:00 Swimming Pool
Aiges Melathron


GPS Trackers

Be advised that the deposit for the GPS Trackes is 200 Euros and the cost of use at 100 Euros.



The Off Road Team and Organizers of Greece Rally 2x20 met after receiving the Health protocols sent by the Ministry of Sports and the Health Committee, on Wednesday 6/5/2020, regarding the start of racing events.

Given that motorsport itself does not increase the risk of transmission of the Covid-19 virus given the distance and equipment of the competitors (helmet-gloves) and the assemblies in sports facilities (tracks), they are the ones that help in the spread, we decided and apply, in accordance with the applicable provisions and in order to ensure the health of our athletes and staff working in the sports facilities, the following:

• The arrival / departure to / from the sports facilities will be done from a single entrance / exit, which will be controlled by the staff of the facility.

• Security will only allow entry to the athletes, coaches, doctors and technical staff provided. No visitors will enter without prior permission from the Administration of the facility.

• Upon entering the sports facility competitors will we scan for symptoms if the presence of any symptoms are noted they will be recorded in a special list of incoming-outgoing and will be signed by all those entering the sports facility. Those who state any of the symptoms, are not allowed to enter. A list will be archived daily, with the care of the person in charge of the installation, in order to facilitate any necessary tracking. It is recommended that, where possible, thermometer readings to be performed on those entering the facility, with denial of entry for those with a temperature of more than 37 C. In a suspected COVID-19 case, he/she is advised to see our doctor in the medical center of the race, stay at hotel room and contact his/her doctor.

• Competitors will be directed to an open space with the use of a tent. The minimum distance between tents will be 5 meters.

• In the case of either team crews or mobile crews that are constantly changing tires, it is imperative that the health rules (mask-gloves-distances-disinfectants) are followed by all those involved.

• In the paddock area, the competitor is allowed to be accompanied by one mechanic. The total number of attendees cannot exceed 80 people (including employees-medical and nursing staff-cleaning staff, etc.). All except the athletes must wear masks and gloves.

• There should be a 70% alcohol (or gel) antiseptic solution in prominent places and paddock area. Public toilets should be avoided, while sinks should always be equipped with liquid hand soap and disposable hand towels. The use of paper or plastic disposable basin covers is desirable, as is the availability of chlorine solution.

• An area (eg a locker room) will be used, if necessary, to temporarily isolate a person with COVID-19 symptoms. It is recommended to remove the person from the facility and isolate them at their home and to communicate with the Federation and he/she personal doctor, while our Central Hospital is notified in any case of a suspected case and undertakes the tracking and the provision of relevant instructions.

Competitors- Before and during the Race:

• Each competitor, prior to training, should ensure that a physician clinically examines all involved in the training and to note a detailed history, with an emphasis on clinical signs and symptoms associated with a recent infection from COVID-19 (both for the person and for his/hers family and social environment). In the event of a confirmed recent infection, the athlete will be referred to for extensive pathological and laboratory testing. The medical records of the athletes will be kept by the organizer of the race, subject to the current legislation on personal data protection.

• Competitors must have an athlete's card and a valid athlete's health insurance

• All participants must respect all the rules, the commands and the instructions from the head office of the Greece Rally race, as The Clerk of the Course, the organizer, the Chief Doctor and the Medical Personnel
• The medical team has the right to make checks and medical examination every day to all competitors at least with thermometer readings before the start and after the finish of every day route



Greece Rally 2X20 Guidelines:

Dear Competitors/Family Members

We would to welcome you all to Greece Rally 2X20 and wish you have a full filling and safe race.

Due to the COVID-19 situation we need to inform you of the guidelines you need to follow for all days that you are present at Greece Rally 2X20 Veria Edition.

Please read carefully the below guidelines and follow them:

1. We love handshakes and hugs but this year the Organization team will not be handing them out. Please avoid any physical contact and keep a distance of 1.5 meters.

2. Face masks MUST be worn at all times when in closed spaces. That means when you are in the hotel you MUST wear your face mask correctly, covering your mouth and nose.

3. Briefing for this year will be done virtually. This means all updates and information will be uploaded to posted on Facebook and important information will be printed out and handed to the competitors.

4. Only basic updates will be printed and left at the entrance of the hotel.

5. Results and updates will NOT be posted on the hotel walls. You will find all results and updates on our website and on Facebook

6. During the days you might see organization randomly thermos testing you. Please let the organization do their job and this selection is random.

7. Official fueling station is EKO Kaliaridis 40.527664 22.213667
PLEASE refuel ONLY at this point!


Welcome to Greece Rally 2X20:

The organization team would like to welcome you to Greece Rally 2X20. We would like to start off by wishing you a safe arrival and a safe race for 2020.

Due to the COVID-19 situation that has effected everyone around the world, we would like to say that even with all the diffuculties that we faced we managed to organize our race and make it a reality.

Expectations were high for 2020 but due to the situation we had at lot of cancellations from competitors that wanted to participate but could not due restriction from country's which didn't allow travel to Greece. This caused a major decrease in income but we pushed forward without decreasing saftey, facilities, routes and having more organizational staff than competitors. We wanted to be here for you and to make Greece Rally 2X20 a reality for all.

How is this possible? The organization of Off Road Team does not see this event as a business but as an athelic club and the love we have for the sport is how we can make it a reality even if we lose money in the process.

The reality is here and now and Greece Rally 2X20 is a GO LIVE!



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