Lake Kerkini


In the north-western part of the county, just 40 km from the city of Serres, about 100 km from Thessaloniki, you will find one of the most beautiful parts of Greece where Lake Kerkini lies.

A unique wetland which was declared a National Park in accordance with the International Convention Ramsar, one from 10 wetlands of international importance in Greece.

It was human intervention that created this paradise. In 1932 when the first dam was built in the waters of the river Strymona and gradually Lake Kerkini was formed.

The area is rich in vegetation, forests of wild willows, water lilies floating in the lake on an area of thousands of acres which also accommodates a large variety of fish and where buffalos are swimming in calm waters. In the horizon you see the mountain range of Mount Mpelles and Krousia which gives the place an incomparable charm.

The lake offers ideal conditions for bird watching. Today it is one of the best places in Europe for natural observation and where arround 300 rare species are living, breeding and are protected here.

The wetland of Kerkini is open for alternative activities like hiking, fishing and horse riding. For a closer look at the world of birds take the experience of boating. A tour around the lake can be done by car or even more fascinating through the hiking trails. The best season is from March to June where the woods are populated by a beautiful colony of herons.

In the village of Kerkini and in their Information Centre you can find all the ecological and environmental information. In Lithotopo is the Office for the Promotion of Ecotourism, with exhibits various birds, insects and plants. In the region you will enjoy fresh local meats and delicious fish. You can reach Kerkini by car or train.

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